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How do I protect myself when using my computer?

It's not a question we hear asked explicitly very often. But we are certain that every user whose computer needs we serve would like their computer use to be as safe as possible. Safety is a very general term-especially when related to computer use. When one looks at the issue closely, one finds many threats to a computer user's safety.

There's the threat of viruses, there are privacy issues, there are scams being perpetuated by all kinds of illegitimate opportunists looking to make a quick buck, there are credit card thieves, and there are those who want to break into your company's computer system.

Additionally, there are physical threats to safety that certain types of computer use bring, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back problems, eye strain which can result from bad setup of your computer's display / screen, and a whole host of other issues.

With this in mind, we are devoting this issue to computer safety. As always, we appreciate your feedback.