Dragonfly Technologies - small
business computer consulting, New York City. Networking, hardware and
software consulting, computer sales, upgrades, and web design /
maintainence. Special expertise in dealing with legal, not-for-profit,
and musicians. Dragonfly Technologies - small
business computer consulting, New York City. Networking, hardware and
software consulting, computer sales, upgrades, and web design /
maintainence. Special expertise in dealing with legal, not-for-profit,
and musicians.

Website Enhancements

A lot of our web development projects involve taking an existing website and reshaping pieces of it, ultimately evolving into a complete redesign of the site. Over years of maintaining sites we have developed, or of updating sites that others had developed, we often add small features that are later incorporated into a completely redesigned site. Here are a few examples of features your site may not yet have, but that might bring additional traffic and interest to your organization:

Newsletters: A great way to spark return visitors to your site

We currently maintain, design, and regularly send out e-mail newsletters for:
  • Not-for-profit organizations who wish to inform their members, donors or other interested parties of recent or upcoming activities
  • Popular Entertainers who wish to increase their visibility, and who wish to communicate directly with their fans and with the media
  • Retailers who have sales, special product announcements, or any information of which they'd like to keep their customers apprised
In addition, we have our own e-mail newsletter, to inform you of important small business technology issues. Click here if you'd like to subscribe to ours.

Newsletters can increase the percentage of visitors who return to your website. If your site promotes a business or an organization, each returning visit by a web "surfer" increases the chances that the visitor or "surfer" will patronize your business, donate to your cause, or otherwise take interest in your organization.

Want to accept credit cards online?

For those wishing to help their website generate revenue, we can offer and implement many solutions.

Not-For-Profit Donations

If you're a not-for-profit organization, you might want to accept donations via your website. Many people who are moved by your message while they're visiting you, may forget to write a check, a few days after their visit. We can help you extend your existing merchant/credit card processing account to accept donations online.

If you use Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud's NetDonor service will allow for profit organizations to accept credit card donations online processing the donations immediately and transferring them to your internet merchant account. If you use (or are considering) Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge, you'll be able to integrate the online donations captured by the NetDonor service into your Raiser's Edge database without additional data entry.

If you do not use The Raiser's Edge, fear not!

There are many solutions available for you too. Contact us for more information.

E-Tailers/Online Retailers

If your business is centered around accepting credit cards for online purchases, no matter what the size of your business, we have a variety of solutions to meet your needs. Whether we design your website from the bottom up, or whether we are just enhancing your existing site, we can get you started with efficient credit card processing online. Depending on the size of your online business, you may have different needs from Wal-Mart's online store, or from the one person online bait and tackle shop. Contact us for a personalized analysis of how we can help you accept credit cards quickly and efficiently.

Selling Merchandise Online

If you are not primarily an online retailer, or a retailer with an online store, we can help you to sell your organization's merchandise on the web, as a small revenue generator. We will create an online form, securely linking your website to a merchant account that will allow you to sell merchandise directly, and sending your merchandise orders directly to the person or company who fulfills the orders for you.

Contact Forms

Many websites currently allow only for e-mail as a means of contact. We have found that many people who are not prompted for critical information, may not supply it in a quick e-mail message sent to the website's administrator.

To ensure that your visitors supply you with the information you'd most like to know (while they're writing to you), you might want a contact form on your site.

A contact form will prompt your users for the information you consider to be most important, and won't leave it exclusively to them to determine what they need to tell you.

Measure and monitor the productivity of your website

Is your website effective as a publicity tool for you? Are you interested in how many people visited your organization's website?

We can help to bring you much more information than that.

Using a variety of tools, we can help you to determine:
  • How many visitors you've had in a given time period
  • How long they stayed on your site
  • Where on your site they visited
  • In what order they looked at pages
  • Which pages are most or least popular on your site
  • Which websites they were on prior to yours
We can help you to integrate your organization's advertising, fundraising, marketing or any other publicity initiatives directly with your website.

And that's just the beginning. Whatever your marketing or publicity strategy, we would be happy to help you further by helping your website to be a better publicity and information tool for you and for your website's visitors.

Media Production (audio, video, photography, logo/graphic design, branding)

Our design team to allow your site to combine, among other things:
  • Digital Video Production (customizing DVD, VHS, Betamax, or other formats for the streaming video on the web (RealVideo, QuickTime, Windows Media and other formats). We can also produce original video especially for your site
  • Original still photography (great for online retailers who do not yet have a catalog, or performing artists who don't yet have a press kit or headshots)
  • Graphic Design (If you need a logo, or a "look and feel" so that your site can match your existing brand)
  • Music and Audio production (Extracting from audio tape, VHS, CD, DVD, or creating original music in MP3, MIDI or WAV format. Creating RealAudio, QuickTime)
  • Copy-editing and proofreading: We can help you refine your message, to clearly and concisely convey your message
  • Media clearances (obtaining permission to legally use copyrighted assets such as video, audio, still pictures)
Please contact us for more information or if you think you could benefit from any of the website additions we've mentioned here, or one we haven't. To see some of our work, please take a look at our portfolio

It is the website owner's responsibility to obtain permission for use of copyrighted video, audio, and photographic assets. Although Dragonfly Technologies can, on your behalf, hire a clearance agency, we will not offer this service except as an explicit part of a website design agreement.